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Żeglarski "Everest"

Marzysz o zdobyciu tego słynnego przylądka? Chciałbyś zobaczyć z bliska, jak wygląda to miejsce owiane legendą? Horn byłby dla Ciebie świetnym zwieńczeniem żeglarskich doświadczeń? Już dziś możesz zapisać się na rejs dookoła przylądka Horn na słynnym polskim jachcie Selma Expeditions.


To będzie żeglarska przygoda. Podzielimy się na wachty i będziemy wspólnie dzielić się obowiązkami na pokładzie, takimi jak nawigacja, gotowanie oraz dbanie o naszą łódź zarówno od zewnątrz, jak i od wewnątrz. Nie martwcie się! Nie potrzebujecie żadnego doświadczenia w wymienionych zadaniach.


1. 15 - 26.04.2024
2. 1 - 13.05.2024
wolne miejsca
wolne miejsca
Harmonogram wyprawy

Dni 1 -2 - Ruszamy!

Dzień 1 to dzień, w którym zakwaterujemy was na jachcie, zapewniając chwilę na aklimatyzację i odpoczynek po długiej podróży. Dzień 2 rozpoczyna naszą podróż. Rozpoczniemy od niezbędnych odpraw i ruszymy w kierunku Puerto Williams. Wieczorem odwiedzimy "miasto" i zanurzymy się w atmosferę żeglarską na statku Micalvi.

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JACHT - Selma Expeditions
Zdjęcia z naszych poprzednich rejsów po Patagonii

W cenie

  • Zakwaterowanie na jachcie we współdzielonych kabinach - zakwaterowanie na jachcie jest dzień przed rozpoczęciem rejsu i wykwaterowanie dzień po zakończeniu.

  • Prowiant do przygotowania wspólnych posiłków.

  • Wykwalifikowana załoga, wycieczki (zgodnie z planem).

​Cena nie zawiera 

  • Dojazdu z/do Ushuaia.

  • Obowiązkowego ubezpieczenia podróżnego.

  • Wydatków własnych.

  • Alkoholu na pokładzie.

CENA: 3400 EUR

Wy pytacie, my odpowiadamy! (FAQ)
  • Do i need sailing experiance? Is this trip difficult?
    The Greenland sailing tour offers a flexible experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the stunning landscape. You can partake in easy to moderately difficult guided hikes on land and, if interested, assist the crew on board. No specific preparations or skills are required, but a love for nature and adventure is a must.
  • Where i will be sleeping?
    Hi Ocean One has one cabin with 4 bunk beds and three cabin with double beds - ordinary size. Once your reservation is confirmed and booked, you will receive an information sheet specifying your assigned bunk.
  • How is the food offered onboard?
    We are pleased to offer a comprehensive full-board service, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our team has taken great care in planning and preparing your meals with utmost attention. A limited selection of alcoholic beverages is available onboard. Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you a medical information sheet to gather relevant details regarding your health and any allergies you may have. This ensures that we can accommodate your needs and ensure your well-being during the journey.
  • Is there a shower onboard?
    Certainly! Onboard, we do provide two hot showers that are accessible at all times. However, it's important to note that the water supply may be limited due to the nature of our journey. We kindly ask for your cooperation in adapting and using water judiciously during your time onboard.
  • What about safety? Is the vessel in survey / coded / seaworthy?
    Ask us for our survey / seaworthy certificates which are all kept onboard. Hi Ocean One is registered as a commercial vessel, Category 0 (zero – Unrestricted), type expedition.
  • How is the accessibility onboard?
    Please be advised that the staircases leading to the living quarters have steep stairs, although they are equipped with sturdy railings for your safety. It is important to note that transfers between land and yacht is facilitated by zodiac boats, as there are no harbors available throughout the Scoresby Sound area. Consequently, there won't be a traditional gangway for boarding or disembarking.
  • Is there phone/internet acces?
    During the cruise, there is access to high-speed internet available, although it may be limited to certain hours. Also, please note that there is no GSM coverage onboard or in any other place beside Ittoqqortoormiit village.
  • How is the weather in Scoresby Sund?
    Temperatures in the area typically range between 2 and 12°C (35-54°F), with minimal rainfall. While it can be windy at times, clear and calm days can bring forth strong sunlight. The prevailing high-pressure systems over Greenland often result in calm weather conditions.
  • Will we use a lot of sails?
    Due to the calm weather conditions, narrow fjords, and numerous icebergs in the area, we primarily rely on the engine for propulsion when navigating through the fjord system. However, whenever possible and time permits, we will raise the sails.
  • Am I likely to be seasick?
    If you have concerns about seasickness, it is advisable to take precautions. While we cannot guarantee that you won't experience seasickness, it's better to be prepared and take preventative measures, especially if you haven't been at sea before. It's important to note that the sea in Scoresby Sound fjord is generally very calm, reducing the likelihood of experiencing seasickness. However, everyone's tolerance varies, and it's better to err on the side of caution. Don't let the fear of seasickness overshadow your excitement for the upcoming cruise.
  • Is electricity available onboard?
    Power for charging batteries is readily available throughout the journey, with standard EU sockets provided onboard. You can conveniently charge your devices whenever needed, ensuring that you stay connected and powered up during the trip.
  • How reservation process looks like?
    If you are interested in joining the cruise, you can reach out to us via email (info[at] We will respond by sending you a form that generates a contract for the journey, along with all the necessary information regarding what to bring and how to prepare. It is important to carefully read, sign, and return the contract to us. After that, within 5 days, we kindly request that you provide us with a confirmation of the transfer payment for the first installment (25% of the total cost).
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